Saturday, November 19, 2016

Camelia's beautiful flower garden at Home

Is famous for its flower shoots, leaves and branches are used to make tea. Camellia sinensis, also known by the name of camellias is included in the family Theaceae or tea-tehan. However, this plant actually has a very pretty flower crown with bright colors that captivate.

Came from mainland South and Southeast Asia, this plant is now cultivated worldwide. Not only for drinks, this plant is already long enough even popular as an ornamental landscaping. With a crown of flowers piled up and smell fragrant, camellia obviously can enhance the look of a garden.

Although not as well known as roses, can be used as an alternative. In general, these flowers are large and the diameter of 1-12 cm, while the leaves ranges from 4cm-long 15 cm. With a strong taproot, the camellia can grow to a height of 6m. However, the flowers themselves can develop when the height reached 100cm.

For the treatment was not hard, just keep in mind that this interest is not resistant to drought. Therefore, wash regularly, but not excessive. In addition, doing regular fertilizing and pruning. Cut a few base is one way to avoid damaging other plants and avoid interest from pests. Floral display can be more attractive with regular trimming. In addition to smoothing, new shoots can also sprung up, especially if done at the end of the dry season.

5 Recommendations Flowers for Wedding Party Decorations

If the roses are usually flowers frequently encountered as an ornamental decorations or bouquets, in fact there are many choices other flowers to beautify your wedding party.

Marriage is a sacred event in which two young men pledged sacred promise to wade live together in joy and sorrow. Normally marriage is synonymous with celebration in the bridal party women or men. Each couple will get married of course they must have a concept or theme of the wedding decorations of its own.

Many things will affect the choice of theme decoration of the wedding itself. Indonesia consists of various indigenous tribes and of course increasingly provide diverse selection of wedding decorating themes for every couple. Besides the issue of customs and cultures there are other factors that have a role in the selection of decorating themes, namely the budget and preferences of the bride alone.


This flower symbolizes love and inseparably bound. Select this flower as a sign of loyalty to your partner, reassure him that you will continue to be on his side until death.

Calla Lily

Symbolizing elegance and has a fragrant aroma as well as both Palembang incredible beauty. However, the price of this interest is high, so if you have a sufficient budget, it could not hurt to pick these flowers.

Baby's Breath

Chic and simple are the words that are suitable for flower Baby's Breath. Have a sense of something that is 'pure' and 'innocent', Flower Baby's Breath is perfect for you who expect married life is pure, like a newborn baby. Keep in mind that this interest should be combined with other flowers to liven up your wedding decorations.


Orchid flower or commonly called orchid is ideal if selected to decorate persta marriage in the summer and in the tropics. This flower is very sensitive to cold air, so it is not recommended for wedding decorations indoor room-temperature high enough.


This flower has true meaning of marriage is "sharing". In a marriage between one another and sharing love, sorrow, pleasure or hard. Not only that, this flower also has an economical price so it is very popular with the bride to complete their party decorations.