Saturday, November 19, 2016

Camelia's beautiful flower garden at Home

Is famous for its flower shoots, leaves and branches are used to make tea. Camellia sinensis, also known by the name of camellias is included in the family Theaceae or tea-tehan. However, this plant actually has a very pretty flower crown with bright colors that captivate.

Came from mainland South and Southeast Asia, this plant is now cultivated worldwide. Not only for drinks, this plant is already long enough even popular as an ornamental landscaping. With a crown of flowers piled up and smell fragrant, camellia obviously can enhance the look of a garden.

Although not as well known as roses, can be used as an alternative. In general, these flowers are large and the diameter of 1-12 cm, while the leaves ranges from 4cm-long 15 cm. With a strong taproot, the camellia can grow to a height of 6m. However, the flowers themselves can develop when the height reached 100cm.

For the treatment was not hard, just keep in mind that this interest is not resistant to drought. Therefore, wash regularly, but not excessive. In addition, doing regular fertilizing and pruning. Cut a few base is one way to avoid damaging other plants and avoid interest from pests. Floral display can be more attractive with regular trimming. In addition to smoothing, new shoots can also sprung up, especially if done at the end of the dry season.

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